Whitney Peyton announced Re-Release of “FIRECRACKER” with bonus tracks!

Whitney Peyton

(Feel Free to read this in Trump’s Voice)

Some of you may have noticed I’ve pulled “FIRECRACKER” off of itunes, spotify, etc because I’m re-releasing it as a deluxe “PYRO” edition! There will be twice the tracks… all the ones from the original record PLUS songs I’ve put out before that were never on any album (you requested I put these on hard copies) AND a few BRAND NEW UNRELEASED SONGS! Pre-orders go up 8/17 with brand new limited edition merch bundles! The packaging on this PYRO EDITION is better than any CD i’ve ever put out before…ALSO all the pre-order bundles will be better than any pre-order bundles I’ve done before.. with more options and all new stuff. It’s gonna be YUGEEEE!